Purple Haze & Chilly Days

What are Anthocyanins?

Anthocyanins are found in a huge variety of plants, ranging from the purple blades of grass poking through the cracks in the parking lot in late fall to the stinky blinky skunk skunk lovingly produced by cultivators across the world.

How can growers use Anthocyanins to achieve certain colors?

While not every strain of cannabis will have the anthocyanin production potential of a tenderly grown Peyote Purple phenotype, a curious grower can tweak their growing conditions in a number of ways to bring out the full colorational potential of their plants, including:

  • Dropping temperatures in late flower to mimic the chill of fall
  • Increasing the intensity of light to generate purple pigments as a stress response
  • Supplying or withholding certain nutrients
  • Experimenting with different pH conditions



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MCR Labs

MCR Labs is an independent cannabis testing & research laboratory located in Framingham, Massachusetts devoted to cannabis safety and education.